Friday, January 11, 2008

Something's Fishy (I have a quilt by this name!)

I woke up very philosophical this morning and have already erased two entries to this log, which, due to my anal'ness, I don't often do because of its waste of time.

Okay, make that three entries. I don't think I am gonna blog today. I will just get myself in trouble.

This wooden box contains smoked salmon. G purchased it six months ago and did so because of the Best If Used By date. It was some month in 2010. We are saving it until that day and then inviting You over to share it with us. I just love the fish art. A quilt perhaps?


dee said...

I hope I didn't offend you by what I said yesterday. I was being a crabby witch and last night a house fell on me-so I'm better now.
My BIL lives in the Pacific Northwest and sends us one of these every Christmas. Including this years gift we have 3 of them cause we keep forgetting about them. They're also great for making salmon spread with crackers and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Yummy

Cindra said...

I love it when you get philosophical. I think we all have been lately. Next time don't waste it... copy and paste it in an e-mail and send it my way. Don't want you wasting your time.

blogosaurus said...

The fish art is indeed awesome! I love pacific coast Native art (I'm going to guess that that's Haida art) and have some in my home - and when I am rich, I will have more.

Enjoy your salmon in 2010. If it were mine (and I were still eating meat) it would be gone in an instant! :)

Del said...

And copy me on that e that you send to Cindra! We are each unique and it does us all good to understand others in all their moods. Whatever you say will strike a familiar note with someone - forget what the carpers (pun intended) have to say.