Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This and That

Interesting; at home, to open the blog I have to sign my name and a password. And it is blogger that makes me do it. On the computer in Florida I don't have to sign in; it just opens. How weird is that? The location shouldn't make any difference.

Also, on a little different computer topic, my brother Bill was telling me about a docking station that you can get that eliminates multiple computers if you have more than one location that you use the computer. He said that you can just 'plug' in the laptop and it acts like a regular computer and you use a keyboard and monitor like normal. I will look into this but not in the next couple years at least because I have replaced both my computer towers in the last year and I have to get my money out of them.

I use Google so much, I wonder what I did without it. It rarely lets me down. Last night I couldn't remember one of the Spice Girls (like who cares anyway?) and I Googled them and found the information, not in IMDB which normally comes up but in NNDB which gave me all the information and more. It also gave risk factors for each girl, like Bulimia, Smoking, Anorexia, Meningitis, Alcoholism, etc. Sometimes there is too much information. Privacy has long gone out the window. It's kinda like two steps forward and one step back.

Today I am going to take on the boring task of organizing the garage cabinets. We have moved these put together yourself cabinets to countless houses and never know what is in them. With my trusty label maker, I will take the guessing out of the cabinet contents. Now, if we can only get used to reading the label!!!


sandra said...

I don't know if you know this but on google search if you put in your phone number and hit go it brings up your address and a map to your house it works like a reverse directory, but you can block it if you would like.

dee said...

Good Morning Tommy. I didn't know that about Google-not sure I like that feature too much though.
I'm organizing my workspace-I need a label maker though-good excuse to go shopping...this is why I take months to accomplish the simple things.