Friday, January 04, 2008

What's Up?

We left the house yesterday to do a couple of errands and get some food at 11 a.m. One thing led to another and six hours later and a significant dip in the wallet, we returned. That may not have happened as quickly (ha ha) if we had anymore room in the car. We were discussing the fact that we had a car full of food and there were only the two of us for a couple weeks. I guess I just got carried away. I always tend to buy more when I know I don't have to carry it into the house. How pathetic is that?

The rest of the time I have been acquainting myself with the new computer. The screen that came up on the monitor was larger than it should have been and I couldn't see the top right controls to minimize or exit the screen. The resolution under Settings within the properties file had to be increased. Then I realized that every time I stepped away from the computer it turned itself off. Now I am quite sure that Al Gore has his computer set up that way, but I leave mine on and opt for taking my own green grocery bags to the store (oh, ah, except today). I went into the Control Panel and found Power Options and changed them from turning off every 15 minutes to Never. I turn it off when I want to rather than letting the computer decide for me. I am becoming quite the techy. My Outlook looks all different even tho' I still have XP and didn't change over to the new Vista. I was scared to change to the new and improved version. I want to make sure all my STUFF is compatible before I jump into that.

Speaking of compatible; I bought a new car and the choice of make was decided on by seeing how easy my BBF Maggie Z. used her hands free phone in her car. Well, after getting the car we found out that MY PHONE wasn't compatible but G's was. I have a Treo with my palm in it and G doesn't so we are guessing that may be the reason. Can you even believe it? That was the only reason I got the car!!!! Yes, I know, that in itself is pretty lame.

The night we got here we ordered a pizza from a local joint and it was the very worst pizza I ever had; ever. Any frozen pizza would have been better. We didn't have any food so it seemed to be the way to go. I ended up cutting off the crust and dipping it in, first - marinara and then Parmesan. While in the grocery store yesterday I tried to buy 'light' due to the constant holiday fare and the 'on the road' eating the last couple days. I saw this brickyard pizza
in the Lean Cuisine section of the freezer and made it for dinner. It was fantastic. It has spinach and mushrooms and is only around 300/350 (can't remember) calories. I never saw them before but then G does most of the shopping. The deal is if I cook, he shops and cleans up. Anyway, give it a try; it was great.


Anonymous said...

A word of warning - don't get Vista for another year. I am not a happy camper, neither is my DH. That said, you might want to see if your Treo has bluetooth, if not then no sync.

BTW, thanks for sharing on your blog. I am a faithful reader.
in Charleston

Cindra said...

Stretch and I have the same deal... it really works well.

On the Vista front... nobody likes it! We aren't putting it on any of the computers at school.

My next computer will be a MAC laptop!