Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ashes to Ashes

When my company left yesterday I walked through my house and was profoundly sad. It was so empty and quiet. Bella was running from room to room looking for her girls. We had a wonderful visit that was full of what we all like to do. The joke was that when the kids called and we told them what we were doing, it sounded like we were in the rec room of an old folks home. The picture of our activities were summed up quite perfectly when Genie said to her daughter; 'We're playing bridge, Tommy is knitting and Linda is doing the NY Times crossword puzzle.' That definitely has a ring of granny panties, doesn't it?

We did much more than that, mind you. We managed to squeeze in a craft afternoon. The note cards that I made at Christmas was the craft that the girls chose.

Here are all my concentrating students . They did a mighty fine job and all of them were very proud of their accomplishments, as was I. They came up with lots of unique card designs. Is there a cottage craft future for any of my girls? And don't ya think that I could have cleaned up the studio for my company? Some things just didn't get done.

Nora, (with the short dark hair) had to leave early and when we were saying our goodbyes we realized that we didn't have a picture of the six of us. So, as quickly as we could we figured out how to use the self timer and after a ten second
delay, we came up with this picture. Not bad for a bunch of old grannies without any makeup on, right?

We went to a fund raiser and it was very cool and I have a presentation of it for you but alas, today is bridge and Miss B is going to doggie daycare and so I must cut this short. Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday has come and gone. Ashes to ashes, and all that stuff.


dee said...

Sounds like such a wonderful time & Hey! A Regina sighting!!
No trip to Cabo this year?

Anonymous said...

My, my, what a beautiful group of women. You all look like you are in your 30's. I think next time for a craft you should teach pole dancing since you are such hot tamales.

Cindra said...

Why clean up when you are just going to make a mess? Looks like a great time! And all of you look wonderful!