Friday, February 15, 2008

Buckle Up

For all you helpless people out there that can't pass up a deal and seem to gravitate to all things fabric, here is a website that Laura Christensen sent me that is in need of anything in your stash that you won't be needing and don't know what to do with it.
I wish I had known about this when I cleaned out my cupboards and rid myself of all the calico and the pretty dated stuff. I am going to go through my stuff again. I am sure I can come up with a little something to send them.

When I am talking on Skype I need to do something but don't want to do anything that would take my concentration away from the caller so I just picked up some supplies that were within grabbing distance and started to work on Christmas thank you cards. I started out with this
'buckle' punch and some glittery paper that came in a box of blank cards from Joann's.

There was a little burr or something on the stamp because the little buckle didn't come free completely and I had to use a little pair of scissors to free it. I remember reading about using
sand paper to sharpen the innerds of these stamps and so gave it a try. Sure enough, the first one stuck but the subsequent buckles came out free and clear. So back to gabbing and cutting
I then wove ribbon through the holes and tied a bow. On the back I put my trusty glue stick
to anchor it onto the card and for good measure I glued another buckle to the envelope (so it looks like they belong together). So far I have done about thirty. Maybe I should talk on the phone a little less?

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Laura Christensen said...

well... I'm afraid there is a problem with the fabric donations. I just received an email saying they have all the fabric they can take. However, they are still excepting financial support for the African mission.
Thanks anyway for the plug. I'm sure there are other good causes that would love to get it. I help with a local 4-H sewing club, and those kids would LOVE free fabric.