Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hangin' Around

This is so damn cute. This is a ceramic turtle that is permanently mounted on tiles in a shower. There were several of these turtles gracing a walkin. I was able to see the shower and this room made specifically for the growing and enjoyment of orchids due to the fact that me and my gals went on an artistic house walk.
Our first house had a southwestern feel to it and it was filled with Navajo art. See? Even Custer wasn't spared.
Check out this hand carved door going into the master bedroom suite. To each his own and all that.
This amazing sculpture was in an outside garden at one house. It looks very fragile but in reality
it wasn't at all. Here we have a closeup of the shells that make up the top circle. You know I am a sucker for anything round.
Speaking of round, here are me and my gals just hangin' a round. We are in front of a banyan tree but in order to show you the tree, I would have to give up showing off the fact that this group of my gals have lost, to date, 88 lbs. That's a whole kid!!!! I am very proud of them and seem to stare at the lack of any butt they now possess!!!!
I am not a fan of shell art; mostly because it is tacky but with the ball and these stars
that graced a bathroom wall, I have gone over to the other side. You can take a very overused gas station art form and class it up. I would gladly have these in my home. Is it possible that I will take up shelling? We shall see.
Furniture normally doesn't catch my eye but this ottoman with a movable table was quite clever. You can sit down and tie your shoe while not spilling your cocktail all over the place.
This is the actual view when you look out over that ottoman. No wonder they have binoculars. Can you imagine waking up to the Gulf of Mexico every morn? Wow.


Cindra said...

Love that shell ball and the little bathroom tile. I love art with a sense of humor...poor Custer. How fun is that dress you are wearing? So much to look at ... except your friends who aren't as much as they used to be! Cudos to them! You go girls! I'm still working on losing mine (again....)

Anonymous said...

I love the ocean, but from the safe view of a hotel window. Wouldn't want to live near the ocean in the tropics with those hurricanes and storms. That house would be too close for my comfort.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #2...says "give me that deck rail view" every morning.

Which "hurricane" is going to get you...the wind kind or liquor kind?


teri springer said...

I have two of those shell "balls" in Nova Scotia. I had them hanging via fishing line from a curtain rod in the living room but they made my house keeper nervous (she was afraid she would knock them down while dusting) so she put them in bowls. They had them in various sizes at the little gift shop 4 doors down from me. Living on the main commercial row, even at the far end of it, can be very dangerous!!