Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jack And The Bean Stalk

Today is a BIG day. Not only is it my sister Mike's birthday; it is also Oscar time. It just so happens that our southern get together fell on Oscar week last year also, so I am guessing that this could be a tradition. I have downloaded the Oscar ballots and they are awaiting their printing. We have decided on a menu of surf and turf with a possible ice cream bar thrown in for good measure. The surf part of the meal is still up for grabs. We are hoping that the shrimp boat is coming in and therefore we can have just caught shrimp. If not, I got a mighty big bag of frozen scallops that would figure in nicely with our steaks. It doesn't matter what we have. It will be a good time had by all.

Speaking of food, my friends are so used to my taking pictures of everything that moves (and doesn't) that they think nothing of my having a contest at dinnertime as to who could plate their dinner in the most eye pleasing 'food stylist' manner.

Anne won, hands down. The beans are a bit messy but that's only because she stole a couple and they toppled like pick up sticks. The haricot vert were tossed with roasted pistachios. Yum. The meat bundle was actually an individual ground turkey meatloaf that we downloaded
from the food channel. One was good; two was better and when that was complete we figured, that there weren't enough left for another meal so we said - go for it and ate all 12. We did skip dessert tho'. Way to sacrifice, right?


Cindra said...

That meatloaf does look good. I may have to check that out!

Anonymous said...

Anne's plate still looks purposedly scattered. Those mini meatloaves in muffin form would make good party food.