Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lickety Split

I have lost more lens caps that I care to reveal. And this happens even when I take the following precaution. I buy the caps in multiples and then I drill a itty bitty hole in a non moving part of the cap.

Clever photography, eh? It could be a still life subject for an art class. Notice the shadowing I managed to capture? Anyway, after the hole is made, out come the mini buttons to secure fishing line onto the cap. Actually anything can be used to stop the line from coming right through the hole (lots of knots, a tiny piece of anything tied on the end) but because I just completed a baby sweater (will be revealed tomorrow after the baby shower) that had little buttons on it and they were sitting here, I used them.
Once the fishing line is secured to the button I slip the other end into the hole, pull taut and then add another something(in my case another button) to the underside to keep the cap from moving up and down the fishing line. Then it's just a matter of figuring how long you want the line and tie it on the strap clip on the camera. You don't want it too long or it will dangle in the line of vision when you take any picture that isn't parallel to you or higher. I had a conversation with my sister about lens caps and why they aren't hooked to the camera in perhaps a more professional way than mine and we decided that lost lens caps and scratched lens are good for business. Replacement parts are a big business.

Last week when Regina was here I saw a People Magazine lying on the chair and asked her if it was her's or mine. Within one second of picking it up I knew it wasn't mine. The reason wasn't the obvious label stating Regina's delivery particulars because she has the magazine delivered whereas I get it the old fashioned way; in the checkout at the grocery store. The reason I knew it wasn't mine is because it still had all those cardstock mailers in it. The minute a magazine hits my hand, whether it is mine or even in the doctor's waiting room, I take out all those annoying thick obtrusive inserts that impede my progress of skimming the magazine. Yesterday, after returning from the grocery store with People in hand I went about this task of removal when something caught my eye.
This was actually an advertisement like scratch and sniff only for tasting!!!! I didn't for a second slow down my progress of tearing it off the page (this picture is a dramatization; the tasting had already occurred and therefore reenactment was necessary) and sampling the tasting. At first I couldn't really taste anything but then the ole' buds went to work. I gotta show you what it looked like AFTER
my tasting because, again, this is after the fact. Then I got to thinking, what is wrong with me? Tasting something in a magazine just because it said to? Icky. I won't do it again. Let this be a lesson to you. And as you can see, life is really swingin' here in the old folks country if I got nothin' better to blog!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, that was an icky thing to do!
Can you see the power aka (brainwashing) those advertisements hold over consumers! They say 'lick' and you lick....LOL..

Yes, what a boring day, I don't know what to write either so back to my sewing room.

Cindra said...

We certainly have our Lemming moments. Not usual for you, though. I need to do that little trick with my lens cap cover.

teri springer said...

Ya know, you can buy "leashes" for your lens caps at the camera store. They are about $1.50....I need to get some more because I bought a new camera but I DID lose a lot of lens covers. I mean, you can keep drilling the holes but I am kinda lazy and, besides, I would end up breaking the lens cover.


barb said...

My lens cap solution has been industrial strength sticky velcro. Slap some of that baby on the lens cap, and another on the camera strap (I used the sew-on kind there). That stuff really holds. The only problem you have to actually stick the cap to the strap, and not "just set it down here for a minute..."


dee said...

Sorry...I can't get past the picture in my head of you licking that thing....bwaaaahahaahah

Corky said...

I'm glad you tasted the ad. When I pulled it out of my People I just couldn't do it!