Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mickey Mouse

My friend Linda was a grandmother for the very first time last May. Now she is due to have two more grandson's; one next month and another in June. Can you even believe it? How lucky can one girl get? While Linda was visiting last week I realized that I hadn't finished up a shower gift for baby boy number one. I wanted it to be done in time for the baby shower this past Sunday that I didn't attend. I thought that if I finish up the gift I can send it back with Grammy and save the postage. So that is exactly what I did. While the girls were playing bridge and Linda was doing the crossword from the paper I crocheted little ears and tails and sewed on little buttons

for eyes. I can get these things knitted in no time; it's the finishing up that I don't get around to. But I was forced to do it and I was glad to get it out of my 'To Be Finished" pile.
This is Elizabeth at the shower with the baby wearing the sweater, in a virtual sense. Is she not a beautiful glowing mom to be? She is due next month but she looks no bigger than I do after China Buffet!!!!


Cindra said...

She looks thinner than me before China Buffet. What a wonderful gift! It is adorable!!! You are sooooo talented!

dee said...

Wow. You couldn't buy a sweater more perfect than that. So pretty.