Friday, February 29, 2008

More Post Sweat Shop Production

Here we have a rare moment last week when the studio was empty; that is, except

for the photographer and Miss Bella, who happens to be lounging on my sewing table. Lots of stuff was created in this room in just a few days. If you look on the design wall you can see some circles made by Jean Ann. It's just a tiny part of a very big and beautiful project.
This piece was made by Anne from start to finish while she was visiting. I didn't let them sleep a full eight. Heck, they were on vacation so why sleep? They can always do that when they go to back to work.
These little gems were all made from start to finish also. Anne made one first and we all had to get on the band wagon and be copycats. Some of us even managed to reproduce more than once.
This is a look at the inside. It has a firm bottom (ah! if only we could all still have that!) and various sections for putting things in. The pattern is calling it a Deli Tote, or in layman's terms, a lunch bag, but it can be sooooo much more.
Here we have Peggy's work in progress of a row quilt. It's about half way done.
Anne was by far the most productive. She is heading into heavy tax season and probably won't be able to return to the sewing room until May so she needed to get some sewing out of her system.

In a couple of hours the car will come to get me and whisk me off to the airport so I can head north and be rejoined by my friends for three days of our guild show, 'Pigments Of Our Imagination' that will run tomorrow and Sunday at the Hinsdale Community House in Hinsdale, Illinois. Tonight there is a sneak preview for all us workers. I think I heard that it will have 450 or so quilts. You know that I will share it with you!


teri springer said...

Safe travels....I don't know about Chicago but it's snowing like crazy up here Kalamazoo way.

Give my best to the girls in Hinsdale. Any Central grads know me as Teri Donovan (class of '75). I love that community center and my 30th class reunion there was the last time I saw my dear friend, Bill Huskisson, before he died. That reunion, and location, will always have special memories of good friends (many I did not appreciate until years after graduation) and good times.

I am sure it will be a great show. Have fun.



Jeri said...

You ladies are amazingly productive. I'd love to know how you fit it all in and get it done! Does everyone bring their own fabric and other supplies? Do they pack up their sewing machine and check it with other luggage?

Valeri said...

Tommy I love your blog and I have nominated you as one of my best ten blogs. Now you have to nominate your best ten blogs. To see the rules go to my blog

Cindra said...

I am absolutely exhausted just by looking at everything you ladies have accomplished! All of it beautiful!

Anonymous said...