Friday, February 01, 2008

New Works

I have been very busy with my new project. As I said a few days ago, this grouping is of four parts of a quilt that will make up the whole. I took each part and made a pattern out of it. Then I made a exact copy to cut apart for my actual pattern. The original picture that I used for the overhead projector had a hand made circle; and while that's all well and good, I decided to pick the quarter of the circle that was the most perfect and use that for all the other sides; hence, the altered circle that you can see in three out of four patterns.
Okay, so I pinned the map pattern to my design wall and and went to town, picking out the colors for each one individually. I want them to all be part of a whole but be completely different on their own.

This first one is complete as far as the piecing but it gave me a couple headaches along the way. Shall I show you? Yeah, why not. I just happened to have my trusty 35 mm by my side. I pretty much have the hang of piecing two parts together to make a fine looking curve but this particular one gave me a problem. When that happens I rip out and do it in the Caryl Fallert method which is sewing it together from the top rather than the bottom.
I take out all the tell tale threads which are a sure sign that you ripped out something and then ironed the curve the way I wanted it to eventually end up. Then I made tabs with scotch tape and used it as my baster. Can you see that one side is folded under for easy removal?
Under the foot of the sewing machine the rebel piece goes and as I go down the line topstitching the curve into the correct place I remove the tape before sewing over it and then I put the tape
on top of my sewing machine for use in the next time the curve doesn't want to do what I want it to do. Actually, I only had to do it once in all four pieces. It's always the first one that gives me the most trouble.
Here we have the second one placed next to the original blown up pattern. I have kept all the patterns in case this is a piece that I will to do over (and I am hoping for that).
Number three and
number four have been completed. Now I have started to follow up with a good ironing and then put batting (white warm and natural) under each piece, one at a time. I have nixed putting the bottom sandwich fabric on these. It is not necessary at all because I am stretching them over wood and it just makes it bulkier. You die hard quilters areright now shaking your heads, I know it!!! I have decided to copy a muched used effect of Mrs. Mel
and do top stitching. I freehanded some curved lines with the disappearing mark be gone (can be removed with either air or water) pen and noticed that it was almost dissolving before my eyes (the humidity in Florida maybe?) so I went over the lines with the same pen but made dots instead which definitely did the trick.
I am in the process of top stitching all four tops in lieu of the regular quilting. It seems to make the statement that I am looking for.

Now I have to make a grocery list for my guests who will be arriving . They are hopping on a flight from Chicago tonight and I hear they had a major storm yesterday. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed.


Mechelle said...

Can't wait to see this one done - it will be very COOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Whaaa, love what you are doing with the graduated colours.....another quilt at long last!

Cindra said...

The quilt looks great.. can't wait to see it all together.

I left Indy last night for Charlotte. Most flights were running late and the air is very choppy. I have heard that today is worse and Chicago got hit hard last night. You may have an extra couple hours to get ready.