Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Smoscher

Oscar night didn't go quite as planned.
1. I neglected to print out the ballots prior to the start.
2. Bad planning turned surf and turf into turf only.
3. Ten minutes into the grilling process for the fillets I found out that there was no propane. That along with the melted rotisserie cord pretty much renders the whole contraption useless.
4. The blue cheese sauce was watery due to my adding skim milk (to cut the calories) and I ended up having to add a thickener making it all the more fattening.
5. In attempting to print out the ballots while the tv was on pause, the printer decided to only print the last (and boring) part of the ballot while spewing out six pieces of paper for every one that was printed. It also wouldn't go any further due to my lack of the proper Adobe Reader.
6. Last but far from the least was the fact that we had multi colored boas to wear during the show and neglected to even give them a passing thought. Not a good night.

Red dresses were quite prominent; I am guessing this is due to the recent tv campaign about women's heart health issues. I am sure I could prove this point but am way to lazy to bother. I did have to google a few things and will share my findings with you.

Harrison Ford is wrinkly and now we know why. Hans Solo is 66.
Calista, his main squeeze is 43.
Javier Bardem was born in 1969 making him 38.
Tilda Swinton is very white.
Julie Christis looks stunning at 67 years young.
We all loved the shoulder treatment of Katherine Heigl's red dress.
The question I had that I never found out the answer to is: Was the girl who passed out the oscar's to the presenters anyone we should know?

There you have it. One last thing; I thought that John Stewart did a horrible job and I have a mighty crush on George Clooney.


Cindra said...

The same thought about the red dresses occurred to me. I thought there was really only one really funny line from John Stewart and that was "does Hollywood need a hug. Thank, God for teen pregnancy." Seriously, most of the movies were downers. I was thrilled that Juno won an Oscar for writing. Loved it!
Tilda was kind of scary looking... I kept thinking she was going to be in some kind of alien movie and this was her look for it.
I was happy the french actress won... she was fabulous in the movie. Hmmmmm. Who doesn't love George?

Mrs. Mel said...

I thought Katherine Heigl was the MOST BEAUTIFUL everything of the evening. Great hair, great dress, great rosy cheeks, and greater than ever figure.

George....gets better looking every day. I hope his clean shaven face ends the fashion of grubby stubble.

Anonymous said...

Thought most of the dreses were really pretty. I did not like Katherine Heigl hair. Maybe it's just that I am not crazy about her as an actress. Jen Gardner looked beautiful. Much better all around movie and television star.

I also love George. Wow he is sexy.

My next life.