Sunday, February 17, 2008

Resuming Work

My cold isn't nearly as bad as the last one. I am greatful for that because I could continue working on my new series. Here is the last one completed and hung

over my new avocado sectional. I am going to add a couple more colored pillows to bring in the art a little better but I am pretty much happy with the combo.

As the sun was setting I wrapped up the next grouping of this foursome. I have changed the lines a bit
to make the transition from one quarter to the other a little more appealing. In doing so, unfortunately for me, I made this much more complicated to construct. The addition of the circle in the center gave me eight more places that I had to match up. I have emailed my DD to see if this might be okay for her office wall and she gave it a thumbs up. I am still going to do another one to give her a choice; plus, the more you do something like this, the more into it I get.
Here are a couple details of the hand stitching in the different colors of 12 wt. cotton thread. Speaking of thread, I am hitting Joann's for the President's sale and thread is 50% off. Can you believe that I am running out of white.>
Here's a detail of the center circle and how after I painted each color I had to wait until it dried to set it with an iron before moving on to the next color. When the four units were all pieced and 'quilted' I then added some more of the painting on the other parts of the work. I am sure there is some medium that would allow me to have colors butting next to each other without running and I have probably been taught how to do it but forgot. Anyway, after that was dry and set I proceeded to mount the work on the frames. That tutorial will be coming soon. I took pictures!!


Beth in TN said...

Absolutely LOVE the new circle creation!!! The first one looks just right over that couch too.

dee said...

Lucious colors Tommy. The art work and the sofa. The one for your daughter is also beautiful and I like the addition of the circle in the middle-looks like a giant passion flower. Thanks for the JoAnns tip. I ran out of white two weeks ago-ordered a color called buff from Hancocks(no picture to see on-line)turns out buff is very yellow. I hope they have re-stocked the white by now. How about those Shiva Paintsticks for the circles. You can set them and use them almost like crayons.

Cindra said...

OOOOH! Love the colors! Those pillows really do pull it all together.

Bren said...

LOVE the art work on th wall. Brngs the room together nicely.
LOVE the one for your daughter also--those are my colors.
Can't wait to see the next.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely beautiful!! Yes you are right - just a couple of more colorful pillows on the new couch. Glad you are feeling much better. Denise

teri springer said...

Glad you are feeling better. It's warming up here (44 F) and raining...ugh. If we were really moving into spring it would be one thing but I know better.

Love the new work. Great stuff. Can't wait to see what my painter comes up with for colors in my living room to go with the new fireplace without overwhelming Mel's painting (which I still refuse to give to my BFF despite her begging).