Thursday, February 21, 2008

Round and Round I Go

This may be one of those 'you had to be there' moments but I feel the need to share anyway. Anne, Peggy and Jean Ann arrived yesterday afternoon, leaving a chilly 4°Chicago behind. They were pretty famished, having only a coke and a bag of six mini pretzels to eat on the way down. So I decided to immediately set to putting the two whole chickens I bought onto the grill rotisserie. Aided by Ann, we got the two birds onto the grill after spending a considerable amount of time and brain power to get the grill gas to power up. In the end, we really didn't need the piece of burning cardboard to get the flame to hold. It was an automatic ignite. Duh.

The birds were on this skewer and we quickly set it on the grill. Around and around it went but the holes in the birds neck and butt were too big and the chickens stayed where they were and didn't turn. My quick brain said to myself (and unfortunately outloud too) that I must have BOUGHT THE WRONG KIND OF CHICKENS!!! In the kitchen I turned on the oven and placed the two chickens in a glass pan and went out to visit with my friends who had just arrived.

That's when Peggy said, 'don't you need those forky things that stick into the chicken to stay in place?' Ah, yeah..........Forgot those. So finding them in the drawer of the grill, I turned off the oven, retreived the chicks and after spending another five minutes, got the birds on the skewer in the correct manner. This was the time when we all could not stop laughing. Did I just fall off the hayseed truck and forgot everything in my brain? And Anne too, helping me with out a thought of what was missing?

Again, with Anne's assistance we set our course on getting the chickens on the grill. Weturned on the switch that controls the skewer and nothing happened; the rotisserie would not go around. Then, on closer inspection we found that in all our business we somehow got the electrical cord that makes it turn was put by the flaming grill and we burnt through the cord. Back in the oven went the critters and we have happily eaten off them for two days. I literally started this story yesterday morning but got caught up in my guests and all the fun we were having and forgot all about my entry. Sorry. The beauty of the internet is that, server and domain willing, the blog is still there when I return.
Speaking of the blog performing in the manner I am used to, here is the photo of the hand dyes I did a couple days ago. One pile is for here and one is to take back up north with me. Each piece is 3 yards. How cool is that?


Irene said...

Let me guess - does G usually do the grilling? Thanks for my laugh for the day - sounds just like something I would do.

Cindra said...

What a hoot! As usual. Hope getting a new cord is not difficult.
Love the fabrics... so clean and neat looking.

teri springer said...

I laughed so hard I cried!!!! I love to grill but I can sure picture this!

You are one wild and crazy gal!!