Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quilt Top Parade

It appears that my guests got back north just in time. We had a very cold day today with a temp of 68° but then G saw the Chicago news last night and they have 18 inches of snow. Now, in my thinking, they should have stayed here and I am sure they would agree. We have the heat on and it is really cold outside. Hopefully by the time I get on a plane for Chicago tomorrow that it will warm up there and all the snow will melt. Yeah, and pigs can fly.

Ta da!!!! I am unvailing the main project that my girls and I did while on their recent visit. This is a pattern by Lorraine Torrence and we assembled the nine central blocks in the

exact order, manner and size. After that we used the scraps of our fabric construction and played around with the outer border. This quilt top was done by Peggy.
This one is Jean Ann's and
this bubblicious one is Anne's. We all chose a different border and some of us stressed on it

longer than others (and it wasn't me). This one is mine and measures 45" square. It was a fun project to do as a group because the six seams that surround the three very thin, 1/4" seams were a bitch to sew and we had no qualms about griping. Also, since the project was finished, I reworded the instructions to make sense. The cutting guide was set up calling the various cuts by the particular color the author used in her example. I can't imagine just copying the example but the directions suggest just that. Very difficult to relate to when the pattern calls for so and so teal and sew it to red and your colors are pink and green. Ya know?


Anonymous said...

F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C ALL of them.

dee said...

Gorgeous colors and wonderful design. Love them all.

Anonymous said...

Great colors. Wonderful design. What will you do with them?

Exuberant Color said...

Great quilts,
and you are in luck,it will be warm in Chicago this weekend, 45 degrees, after -3 this morning.