Thursday, February 07, 2008

What I'd Really Like Dad Is To Borrow The Car Keys

Bella is predisposed to female underwear. There wasn't a stretch of more than a couple hours while my girlfriends were here that didn't have a stolen unmentionable splayed out in the living room floor. It was really quite hysterical. You could tell by the thunderous laughter that another personal garment was on display for all to see.

The girls and I took a little trip to go to the Taste Of Boca for a delicious tasting. It was a fund

raiser for the Harry Chapin Food Bank. If you don't know, Harry Chapin was a singer who died in the early eighties but was very well known for such songs as 'Taxi' and 'Cat's in the Cradle'. What you may not have known about him is that he was an advocate for eliminating world hunger in his lifetime. For every concert he did for himself, he did another for his food bank. What a humanitarian he was, and he could have just been a singing star. Unfortunately his life was cut short but his legacy is continuing on in his name.

There were more than 500 people in attendance, feasting on the fantastic food tastings from local (and not so local) restaurants. The setting was a private beach club on the Gulf and it was more than picturesque. It was like a fairy tale in it's beauty and the fact that it was a perfect warm night was just thrown in for good measure.
This watermelon sculpture (combining to of my favorites: food and art!!) was just one of many
artistic displays for our eyes to feast upon; not to say that the food was any less wonderful because it wasn't.
This is lobster mac and cheese and there were major big pieces of lobster in it. On the side was a puff pastry lobster and as June (Katherine) said, 'don't waste the calories on it' because we had twenty or more choices of edibles to sample so why eat a piece of boring puff pastry, right? The place wasn't hurting for desserts either as this work of art will attest to. The 'coral' looking center is made of white chocolate and is surrounded with truffles. Can't you just picture yourself digging in?
The entertainment was a band consisting of Harry Chapin's brother Steve, along with a couple of Harry's original band members. They were excellent musicans and Steve sounded alot like his brother. Just keepin' it in the family,
Harry's dad (at age 88) was brought on stage and sang several songs and has a strong, beautiful and on key voice. I guess that talent runs in the family.

I just googled Harry Chapin and Mary Chapin Carpenter to see if they were related. The answer is No, in case you needed to know.

I am always amazed at how generous people are, like the Chapin family. I find them very inspiring and feel humbled by their genuine love for their fellow human beings. And a good buffet never hurt anyone!!!

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