Monday, March 31, 2008


I took this picture when I started to think that I was semi complete in my packing (JUST the art stuff; not my clothes and essentials). I added a significant amount more to the pile; ya know, oh, I need this and maybe this would come in handy. I got everything in the car easily and have room for shopping!!!

Here's a peek at my digs at the Atlantic Center for the Arts where I arrived yesterday
about mid day or a little later (due to interpreting my directions wrong). Not bad, eh? I tried to down load these pics when I got here, killing time until the doors opened to unload, but for some reason, blogger was not my friend. I am in a cabin that is spacious to the extreme. There is only one full sized bed in a loft so I don't quite get why all the excess space is needed but then they
didn't consult me during the planning and construction. This is an artist's haven where I believe there are several artist's in residence. More on that later.
I have my trusty 35 mm so not to worry. Check out this kitchen and for one bed!!! This is roomier than either of my kitchens!!! I did nothing yesterday but throw my stuff in the workrooms and settle into my cabin. I went to dinner with a couple gals, Kay and Susie and we had a marvelous time at a great restaurant. The chef here starts cooking as of noon today so anyone that arrives before lunchtime is on their own for food. I guess I am gonna skip breakfast this morning. And, of course, I am starving!!!


Cindra said...

Wow! I want to go to camp there!

Mechelle said...

I am sooo jealous!! I'm sure you will have tons of fun.