Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back To The Challenge

Got a funny story. Gordon gets a call from Bill Joyce and Bill is gabbing about how long he's going to be south and on and on and wants to golf. So G gets off the phone and says that he has no idea who this guy is. We search our brains (two seconds) and then google him. Nothing. He is in the local phone book and he has a Chicago area code on his cell. G makes some calls; nilch, nada, nothing. So he asks his brother who is staying with us to go golfing with the two of them. G decides to drive and pick the guy up so he will know what he looks like instead of meeting him at the course and have to pick the guy out of a crowd. He does this and gives me a whispering call while the guy is unloading his clubs from the trunk. Reason for the call? He still has no idea who the guy is; never saw him before. Very weird. I tell him to have his brother get the skinny on the guy seeing as how he's a retired Chicago cop.

End of story? He doesn't know G. He got his name from a friend of mine who he knew thirty years ago (or rather his wife did). Everyone got a big laugh out of it. What kind of person makes a cold call to golf with a perfect stranger? Epilogue? They will probably golf again this week!!!! A new friend.

Back to the Challenge we go.

This fetching and eye catching challenge was started right here in Florida last year by none other than my pal Peggy. Nice, huh?
These crazy fairies are all dolled up with lots of embellishments like buttons and trinkets.
This one is based on Polish paper cutting.
Here we have some dancing flowers. check out the cool hills that are pieced out of one patches.
The tag said this represented things about the quilter. I have no idea what they are but the use of the fabric is very clever. What do you think the rabbit symbolizes? A love of the easter egg hunt?
I like the border effect on this floral arrangement.
Zippy the clown, or Bozo with bad feet.
I can't remember at all what this write up was. I think I waited too long from the show to post these pictures.
This quilt actually has the tips of the beams coming off the sides. The fabric was fussy cut so that the ends of the beams are changing to fuschia. Cool.


Karen said...

Pardon my naivete, but what are one patches?

dee said...

I think those are Buddhist tantric symbols representing the life force, seasons, and the I brain hurts.

spikemuffin said...

Hard up for golfing partner? Sending Southwest ticket RSW-OAK ASAP. Big deal quilt thing on CBS Sunday Morning today. Fitzies still sleeping.

Anonymous said...

That golf story is hystercial!

Beautiful quilts.

teri springer said...

There's a Leo and a Pisces symbol in there. An Irish (Celtic) Islamic symbol....I'm going to hazard a guess and say the rabbit means she has lots of kids or they raised rabbits for 4H.

Re: golfing- golfers don't care if they know you or not. My dad and two of his buddies were getting ready to tee off at Pine Tree (Boynton Beach) and there was a "young" guy standing out by the tee (relatively speaking- my dad was in his late 70's at the time and his two buddies are older than he is). They invite this young guy to play with them. He politely declines as he is meeting someone.

Later, in the clubhouse, "da boys" are eating a late lunch when the "young" guy comes up with his golf partner.....the partner is instantly recognized by my dad's two (Canadian-born) friend's as Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The other guy was Tommy Barasso who also played for the Pens. Of course, none of the guys thought to get autographs, much to the disappointment of my sons.....

Golfers are like quilters- someone is only a stranger until you introduce yourself!


teri (and give Mike a BIG HUG for me when she gets there)