Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bits and Pieces

When I went to download pictures of the Venice quilt show I went to a couple weeks ago something else on my camera card caught my eye so I will do the show at a later date.

This was on the news while my sis was visiting. I say that only because she is worldly and watches the news and I don't. Anyway this one story really was something and I hope this isn't old news to you; I tend to be unaware. I only just found out that Robert Irvine from Dinner Impossible is a liar, liar, pants on fire. Back to the news story.

This couple that is living somewhere in the southwest Florida area bought their big dream house a few years back. They decided to go to a better paying gig that lasted two years so that they could afford their dream home. They got a house sitter and off they went. Well, they are home now and can you imagine their surprise when they entered the house to find
this. These pots are the remnants of a potting house for growing hot house marijuana. They literally tore down the walls to accommodate as many pots as they could.
They and taken down all fixtures and fans and walls that were in their way and brought in their own wiring for their grow lighting. The house was virtually destroyed,
Have you ever heard of such a thing? Not much was said about the house sitter except to say that the news reporters thought that they were not friends. I would guess that if they were friends, they certainly aren't now!!!!! I hope they had insurance.
We were in a restaurant, (nice segue, eh?), Macaroni Grill to be exact, because we were taking my mom out to lunch and that just happens to be her favorite. What do I spy on the entry way counter but a whole slew of reader glasses. Only in Florida. What I can't figure out and unfortunately thought to ask after I left the restaurant was whether or not they were left behind by patrons or the place provided your choice of magnification. Again, only in Florida.

Last but not least - here we have the creations that Mike and I made on her last day visiting. I saw this purse (yeah, I got something for purses) at the store at my guild show and decided to make it myself instead of buying a color that I really didn't want. So, after asking around I found that my pal Peggy had the pattern. Voila!!! Mike and I now have a designer bag that we made ourselves. It's called the X bag by Four Corners Designs-
and what's great about it is that it has a nice long handle and more importantly, it has four sections that are separate completely. You could easily add pockets or a zippered pocket in the interior. Go for it.


Beth in TN said...

So what's the name of that purse pattern??? CUTE!

dee said...

I saw that item about Robert Irvine a few weeks ago. Further sad proof that you can trust no one...except me.
The purse is really nice and looks like a sewing school drop-out like myself might actually be able to do without screwing it up too much-maybe. I'm a purse nut too but I tend to buy them and then get too lazy to change back and forth. Same thing with shoes-another mania. I wind up wearing flip flops 90% of the year but must have 50 pairs of shoes.
The problem with a lot of restaurants lately for us is they are too dark. We have our noses stuck in the menu like moles.

Cindra said...

Love the fabric on those purses.

What an awful experience for those people. I've heard of the houses being torn apart for those reasons though. I would never rent my house. It would make me a nervous wreck.