Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Color Makes The World Go Round

I had to take the time and crop the pictures I took at the quilt show. It takes a lot of time and I just used an hour that I don't have to spare today doing just that. Why did I not do that in the airport where I spent three hours on my rump waiting for the plane to come?

Even though I made this picture as big as I could, it still is unreadable. This is what the visitors to our quilt show were to read upon entering the cat walk that housed over sixty quilts that followed the criteria needed to qualify in the Challenge - Color Makes The World Go Round. The rules were simple; use a recognizable amount of the challenge fabric (Caryl Fallert's gradation shown on the sign above)and have at least one circle (and not a dot in a fabric but an actual circle that the quilter added). That's it; all you needed to do to enter the challenge. I will apologize in advance for some of these pictures. There was only six or so feet in front of each of these quilts that I could utilize to take the pictures. It was literally a cat walk and as much as I tried, I could only stretch myself so far to take the pictures.
The challenge fabric and the circle in this one was totally in the border. It reminds me of Meryl Streep standing at the end of the pier in The French Lieutenant's Woman. 'Member that?
This just happens to be my Miss Anne's challenge, who not only is becoming quite the quilter and artist, but was also co chair of the show. And, to make her even more special, she got (along with here co chair) a special nametag. Pretty nifty, right?
I forgot to read the tag on this to see if it is based on Ricky Timm's book (the name of it escapes me) but I am guessing that it is. Can you find the circle in this one?
I see some Bodacious Flowers in this quilt.
This also screems Bodacious Flowers. There are more than a couple circles in this one.
Sorry about some of this cropping. I am doing a disservice to these works.
Isn't it amazing how everyone interprets the fabric and the 'circle' differently? I took all sixty plus pictures of the challenge and will eventually show them all to you.
This one also looks like it is influenced by a Ricky Timm technique. Maybe the guild had Mr. Timm's as a speaker and teacher. If I ever went to guild I would probably know this, now wouldn't I?


teri springer said...

Tommy, the sign is readable if people click on it....

Great stuff here!.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for sharing these pictures. I click on daily to see if there are new postings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour. BTW, I believe the Ricky Tims piece is called convergence.