Monday, March 03, 2008

Day Two of Pigments

I was sure a dingbat yesterday. After the end of another wonderful show I met up with my sister and her friend from high school and my DD for a very delicious dinner. I was looking for my cell phone to call G, but I couldn't find it. So back to the restaurant I went and waited until they located my phone. In that short time, I had five phone calls. I listened to my messages and the third was from my friend Anne telling me that I left my camera at the silent auction table where I spent most of the show. That's two major (for me) things I misplaced in a very short span of time. I have to retrieve my phone tomorrow before I head to the airport.

Okay, back to the show.

This is a fantastic piece. And speaking of piecing, it is perfection in its detail. This next one is made by my good friend Jean Ann and I was with her during the sewing of many of these blocks. No, the bottom isn't brown; the brown part is the quilt behind hers.

This quilt is blocks of stars that go from light to dark.
Isn't this lovely? It's an art nouveau flower and is exquisite in detail. It's a small but dynamite piece.
There is something about this piece that I just love; the colors are great. This is all hand appliqued and is full of detail. There was a crowd around it at all times.
This is out of order because it is the same quilt as the one on top of the one on top of this one. They look very different yet the same. Maybe it was from a class. I just don't know.
We had several of these sweet quilts made with reproductions of 1930's fabric. The other ones are in my camera a couple towns away. I have more quilts to show you than you want to see.
This one and the next one were made by the same quilter. They are both in honor of fighting breast cancer and have the ribbon as a block and in some of the fabric and lots of the blocks
are various traditional blocks. I don't know the names of all of them but I see a bear paw and card trick block.

I have about 300 more quilts and when I am boring in Florida I will show you many of them. I have a doctor appointment this morning and a long wait to fly back south. I have lots of sewing to keep me company. Hopefully, the weather - always the weather will decide when I actually get back to sunshine. Although, yesterday was beautiful and 55. Go figure.


Cindra said...

Have a non-eventful flight back south. Thank you for the quilt photos. They are always inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, regarding the last two photos, I am guessing that the teal colored quilt is for ovarian cancer. It is my color...yes, I am an ovarian cancer survivor! Karen

teri springer said...

Safe travels home- don't forget anything!!



Anonymous said...

You missed an absolute PERFECT day in FL yesterday.
And today seems to be turning out perfect too.
Hope it lasts until you get back.
And I hope it stays warm "up north" as I'm heading there Thursday. KS

Anonymous said...

The quilts you have shown are truly amazing. The colors and design are beautiful.