Sunday, March 09, 2008


It appears that no pictures are being allowed to download this morning. It has taken longer than I care to devote to my blog this morning. It is a happy day non the less. Daylight savings time gives everyone in my neck of the woods an extra hour of daylight at the end of the workday and that is very welcome. Now all I have to do is change approximately eighty five clocks within the next few months. (Yelling in the background, "Oh G, Oh G"). I notice that the computer has gone ahead and changed the time for me. Thank you. One down and eighty four to go. Now you know how I am spending my day; how about you?


Gayle from MI said...

Hi Tommy,
We still do birthdays even though both our kids are over 30 now. Worth it too when my 30 year old son would rather come to my house for a his favorite meal on his actual birthday, than to go out and party with his friends!

Anonymous said...

I do cards (and cash or gc)now that kids are married..and oldest is 39 I would rather just do a card but am grateful I am no longer doing the birthday meals and wrapped presents. Let the spouse "do it all"=without us, preferably. One reason being that the "homily to how my Mom did it/favorites foods" will die it should be!!!!!!!!!!!!