Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Paddy''s Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all. I always called myself Irish because it was easy and I had the last name, maiden and married, to back me up. Somewhere in my adulthood I fessed up to my actual heritage; MUTT. I have a little bit of lots of nationalities in me. I think the most predominant is Norwegian and Irish, but of that I am not positive. On St. Paddy's Day every one is Irish.
This is what the day represents to me; making tons of Corned Beef and Cabbage, for us and for my mom and my neighbors. I sent G to get me some supplies and he came back with a tiny cabbage (maybe the size of my fist bunched up) and I quickly informed him that I need three more to have enough. The three he brought me were the size of watermelons!!! Got any very cabbagy recipes?!!!
I got to try out my new gadget I purchased at a kitchen store. It is a vegetable peeler (always called a carrot peeler in my house while growing up). All I gotta say is YOU NEED TO
BUY THIS. It is actually fun to use; simple and much more efficient and faster than any I have ever had before. I gotta say something that I tend to think of all the time; 'Who thinks of these things'?


dee said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you and yours.
I'm seriously thinking of moving-went to the store for corned beef this morning and they don't have a piece in one place I shop. Mountains of cabbage abd potatoes-no corned beef??? What manner of people are these?Butcher says they couldn't get it there from the warehouse? Who are these people? I believe I'll have a beer and contemplate.

Del said...

Happy Green Day! I have one of those peelers and I love it. It is especially good for pears! But the main thing is that it is easy on arthritic hands. I think someone with that affliction must have invented it.