Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here Comes The Sun

It was all arranged that Mike and I meet up with Regina at Venice Beach for some shopping and fun. This is a shot of the Venice Beach fishing pier from the restaurant Sharkey's, which just so happens to be right on the beach. How handy is that?
This restaurant was recommended by a local when we were shopping and complaining that it was only 11:15 a.m. but we wanted lunch anyway. The only stipulation for choosing a place is that it has good french fries. The fries were fantastic and they were served with a dill sauce instead of ketchup. Then there was the Beach Bread. Oh dear; it was the BOMB!!! I am still salivating just picturing it in my head.
I happened to catch this siting of three movie stars and had to get a pic.
When returning to the parking lot we noticed this amazing motorcycle. It was a vision of loveliness. Look at those two Hell's Angel's that were just about to mount the bike.
This front fender had an indian head on it. It looks like it may be a light also.
The helmet that was on the cycle looks like it should be worn by the Gestapo, way back when.
The name of the bike was actually 'Indian'. Ever seen one of these?
This picture gives a whole new meaning to the words 'saddle bags'. Normally it is a familiar term for one of my body parts.
I just happen to have my own "Hell's Angel. Is this chick wacky or what? My sister Mike kept trying to get the little girl to get used to her new eyewear that I purchased at Meows and Growls. That was $19 that I may have just tossed out the window of a moving vehicle. The second she was put down the sun glasses (even with a chin strap) were off in a nano second.


Cindra said...

Bella just doesn't want anyone not to see her beautiful, expressive eyes!
The Indian was the first American motorcycle. (I googled it) Nice looking bike and beautiful 60's color. Remember the cars that were that color?
You guys have way too much fun!

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Anthony Hopkins rode an Indian in the movie.

teri springer said...

Wow...that is one beautiful Indian! A real classic. I used to ride with a group (many long years ago) our "leader" was a collector and had a couple of classic Indians and classic BMWs. I had a collectors item too, a 1976 Harley Superglide with Bicentennial fuel tanks. Can you imagine me a motorcycle momma??!!

And Bella, a beauty of another kind!