Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mike's Leaving Me

This is the type of day I don't like. My sister Mike is leaving me; and more importantly, she is leaving Bella.

As you can see, Bella is a little attached to her. It's a little like hero worship, if you ask me.
This is a neighborhood house that was FLOCKED. It's a fund raiser thingy that a neighborhood school puts a sign in the yard 'You've been Flocked" and for a certain amount of money the students put a plethora of fake plastic flamingo's in a yard.
Another neighborhood thing, dolphin's, are a common thing in the back yard water (did I say that right?). Anyway, the water is very shallow yet we have large mammal sightings all the time. Lots of stuff to see here. Come on down. I am sad my sis is leaving.


Mrs. Mel said...

I'll be right there!

Cindra said...

Tell Mrs. Mel to leave her little mousies behind.

It's so nice to have someone visit that you can be yourself and fully enjoy. My sil is just that person for me.

dee said...

Just how much room do you have-cause I could be on the road by 2.
The perfect route would be to pick up Cindra-then Mel and then.. what with the 912 rest stops..we could be there for Labor Day.

judy coates perez said...

I would have thought that was a shark, lol