Friday, March 14, 2008

Miss Bella

We have been hearing about a park in the vicinity of our town that has doggie times. I mean, I have heard of this since I had my Mazy. At the time I thought Mazy was too old and then with the new Miss Bella, I thought she was too young. Well, yesterday was the day we went for the first time. It's pretty funny if I do say so myself. At 3:30 the little dogs get together; then at four the bigger dogs start to show up. There were, probably 20 dogs or so to start with but quickly the numbers rose. I figured there would be a couple. Was I ever wrong.

Bella (here she is after arriving back home to dig a new hole in the lanai plantings) was very timid; just like a toddler would be, staying at our ankles. None of these dogs were on leashes and so we took hers off so she would feel as tho' she were one of the gang. Still timid, but she did venture out a bit. When she got scared she ran back to the golf cart (our mode of transportation to the park) and got high up on the seat until she no longer felt threatened and then would come back and join the gang.

It was very good for her and in the end, after about a half hour, she was getting the 'groove'. Crazy as it sounds, I have shied away from going because most of the time, at 3:30 I am by myself and prefer to not go by myself. Today G and his visiting brother will be golfing at the bewitching hour so I will have to see if I get the nerve. At least I know that my sister Mike is coming for eight days next Monday and I will definitely drag her to doggie park time!!!
Here's my gal, taking a siesta with one of her favorite pals, Pinky, that mysteriously had her eye (black thread) ripped from it's socket. Now, how'd that happen?

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Anonymous said...

Aaahhh Miss Bella is as timid as her Mommy! What are you afraid of Mommy!
I'll tell you: LOL

When I had my dog, we were taking an early morning walk in the Moors, (well these are fields with peat sodden ground so we call them Moors)....suddenly (my dog on a leash and he was big) I saw no less than 8 Ridgebacks coming towards me at full speed trottle.....I stopped and waited for them to apply their brakes...apparently parents and grown children....owner of this brood had at this time crossed over into the fields way ahead and his brood did their thing...

Well, I stood stock still and my dog stood still too...he wasn't going to be the first to attack but he wasn't backing out either...
I commanded them to go away, the two elder dogs hesitated, but then ran across the field, the 5 youngsters were determined to test their strength...well I had to test my ├╝berpower too and did I shout and wiggle my finger...didn't matter naught to them...then it seemed like they got bored and just decided that my dog wasn't giving them enough aggro to start a fight so they too ran off across the fields.....

I think that was the scariest encounter ever and I am not afraid of dogs, large or small.

Too bad you didn't take some pictures, but walking dogs can lead to good conversation with other dog owners and well as 'good' confrontation.
Go out, shed the fear, and enjoy process.