Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monica Troy

If you can even believe it, I am still having morning coffee. My plane was late getting in and so I didn't hit the sack until well after my normal midnight time. I got up and started doing stuff and neglected to download anything until just now. But now, the rest of my day has to go into action so I am only showing you one quilt.

This quilt was done by Monica Troy and it is exquisite. Check out this quilting in the closeup.
It is truly perfect. The white glove ladies were busy at their station stopping hands from just wanting to touch. This quilt was a full time duty and that was mainly because the back of the
quilt looks like a whole cloth quilt in itself. Yes, this is the back. If I live forever I could never
come close to this kind of detail. It is done on a long arm but the stitches are so tiny and perfect you would never know it. And, this is just one of several that Monica has in the show. Some of us got it, and man, this girl has got it!!!


Anonymous said...

That is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, do you know if the quilting done by the longarm machine is a digitized pattern or whether the quilter did it free-motion with the longarm?