Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Quilts

Back to the quilt show. I have so many quilts that if I showed them all, you would hate me forever. Problem is, I am going to yet another quilt show today and it gets me in the mood, ya know?
This 'bear in the woods' is doing something a bit nasty, eh? Humping a tree? And to think it's immortalized forever!!!
Love this one; simplicity at it's best with great color selection. I am a sucker for a square too.
I thought this one was very playful and fun. It's a pattern out of a book by two quilters; forgot their name. Gold something is one of the last names. And more importantly, do you care? I was doing the math and between my quilting friends and we are four strong, we had 14% of the 400 plus quilts in the show. There are more than 200 members of the guild. Someone is not doing their quilting !!!!! This is one example of cleverness. This is Anne's quilt (co-chair of the show and therefore part queen) made up of flying geese. There was a lot of waste left
so she made this offspring from the leftover triangles. Pretty clever if you ask me.
I smiled when I saw this one. There are metallic fireworks quilted into this if you look closely.
I was attracted to the colors chosen for this wreath; not the typical color scheme.
This quilt is my friend Jean Ann's beautiful hand work. I have been present during lots of it's formation. My mom does lots of Jacobean blocks too.
This is very different and therefore caught my eye.
Very simple yet very effective. Off to the show.


Anonymous said...

Your guild has some very talented members.
I'm enjoying the show while I sit home quilting the 20 quilts for my show in WI in January. KS

Cindra said...

Love the goose poop and the original. The trombone quilt was such a cute idea... wonder what the sheet music was behind it?

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am loving all the quilt show pictures you post. Goose Poop! Very imaginative. I loved the sheet music idea too, and how the applique matched the different songs.

Linda Jenkins & Becky Goldsmith are probably the authors you're thinking of for the other quilt. It looks like one they would design.

Thanks for the shows.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see quilt show. Don't you know that the bear is actually sitting the way bears do when in a tree!