Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Challenge Pieces.

Blogger has been very naughty. I haven't been able to post any pictures for two days and this morning wasn't the easiest to upload either. I don't quite get it. Whatever. Here I am.

I thought that I would just post two of the challenge pieces. They just happen to be mine.

The gumball machine was very fun to do. It is all hand appliqued down on the background fabric and was quite time consuming. After it was done I lost interest and instead of the background looking like it was supposed to, it just looks bad. I wanted the machine to appear as tho' it was on a counter facing a window to the outside. Hence the sign listing penny candy in mirror image in the 'window'. It didn't work and I was almost gonna scrap it but I do love the gum ball's. As I always say, I am a sucker for a circle.
This is my other one. Everyone says it looks more like me. I had fun making it and I guess that's all that matters. I would tell you the names of these pieces but I have long forgotten. Oh well.


dee said...

OOOOoooI love the second one the best. The gumballs are adorable but that second one is really wonderful.
There's something going on with blogger or the internet in general. I have a very fast system and it's loading like molasses and I can't get pics to lead either.

Christine Thresh said...

Gumballs -- cute piece.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gumball machine and hope you will get your mojo back to finish it like you had in mind.

The second quilt is super cute too, very nice and wonderful colours, totally different than you usually use.