Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pigments Of Our Imagination

I can't believe how I have failed you.. I went to the pre show and forgot my camera. That and a bad night's sleep while not at home led me to a non blog day. For that, I apologize. I woke up to making coffee in a hotel little coffee pot and when I saw the half and half itty bitty cartons I was relieved not to see the tear off the top coffee creamer. Well, I looked at the half and half,(hey wait: photo op! I am in the room and I have them!!!!) Okay, forget that. I just tried to take a pic and the container is way too small and the writing 'needs no chill" is so not clear it is not worthy of a possible pic. Anyway, the coffee was made, the half and half was opened and plop!!! A big coagulated blob dropped into my mug. I was sickened. Off to Dunkin Donuts I went (my personal fave) and 86'ed the idea of being peaceful with my coffee in my room.

I am due back at the quilt show in a bit so I will give you a look see of what I could photograph so far. This is definitely in no order of brilliance; it's mostly the quilts that caught my eye while I was hostessing in the vicinity.

I am only sharing several pics a day, due to my ineffectiveness with a lap top and lack of comfort level with anything but my desk top. I am going to write down today if this as a pattern because it's an adorable kids quilt and I wanna make it.
This was in my sight line for two hours. It is an adorable doll house cross section that was paper pieced and has all sorts of little additions that this pic doesn't show. For example, the stove had silver snaps as dials on it and the eye part of a gold hook and eye pairing were used for the shower curtain holders. Very clever stuff.
I'm a sucker for perfection, even if it's not my exact taste and this quilt is perfect. It is crafted beautifully and hand quilted.
This quilt top caught my eye because it was more contemporary. It's tag said it was done in a class. It has a Janet Steadman feel to it.
This very simple quilt is lively and eye catching. It definitely is a 'Pigment of Our Imagination'.

If any of the quilts needed it's own 'white glove guard' it's this one. It was started in a class (the guild has a speaker and two days of classes each month) and there was always a crowd around it.
Here are a couple of close ups for your viewing enjoyment. It has knock out color combinations. Don't the little buds look like Bart Simpson hands? It looks like it was fused first and then appliqued down with a fancy machine stitch that only added more to the character. It was a favorite of mine. My darling daughter came and dragged three friends with her. How sweet is that? I have tons more pictures and will take challenge pictures today before a big crowd comes after church. Gotta go!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick tour. Is there a name for the floral lovely?

Cindra said...

Isn't that like you... always thinking of us your adoring public. Thank you!

dee said...

that dollhouse is adorable. Thanks for thinking of us-your adorable too!