Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Playing Well With Others

My sister Mike and I decided to try our luck at taking Bella to the 3:30 play date for the small dogs. When we first got there Bella was energetic, bouncing off the golf cart and making an immediate friend.

She does have this rather aloof way about her. Notice her right paw, held up like a little pinky holding a teacup.
After a tour of butt sniffing she headed back to the golf cart having had just about enough. When other dogs joined her on the cart she decided to try out a couple more of her social graces.
Still, I am seeing a little bit of standoffishness; a little too pretty and cool for the group, maybe?
Then came the little girl that loved her. Other dogs came and went (as you can see) but Miss Bella finally found a contemporary. She actually prefers the two legged friends. I am quite sure she doesn't know she's a dog.
At four o'clock on the dot she honked the horn to inform us that the big dogs were coming and she wanted to go back to the air conditioning. Plus, she needed a cocktail!!!!


Cindra said...

I'm quite sure you are right. She certainly does act like she is a "people."

teri springer said...

Ah yes, the cocktail hour. My kinda girl!


Anonymous said...

Your sister Mike seems to be getting in the way of your quilting and your other everyday comings and goings...maybe she should leave.

Anonymous said...

So precious...Bella is- and so are her owners!

Mechelle said...

Bella is the happiest looking dog around!!!

Jackie K. said...

These pictures sure show off your Bella's long "model" legs! Looks like fun was had by all!!

Rian said...

That's a great shot of Bella driving the cart. I have a sister named Mike too.