Saturday, March 29, 2008

Straight Jacket

An article in the Life section of USA Today was shown to me yesterday by my beloved.
It was entitled, 'It's hip to be squares at the Nebraska quilt museum'. Road Trip. That's what G said after I read the article. He didn't mean he and I; he's not THAT nice. What came into his mind is a Thelma and Louise trip with a few more Thelma's. The museum cost $12 million (we're worth it!) and is three stories tall and holds 2300 quilts (just short of what I have) from the 1800's to contemporary art quilts. Yeah for the quilters of the world!!!

Enough of showcasing other venues' quilts; I took the cheater way out and decided to go to the end of my guild show pictures instead of doing my homework and seeing which ones I have already posted. Here goes.

These next three are part of a challenge that my old bee did. The rules were simple. Use your assigned color (color name on a paper pulled out of a hat) and do anything you want with it. The only other rule is if you use another color, that it be black or white. Originally I was doing this project too and my color was red. I backed out of the challenge and the bee due to my distance from the meetings (Illinois vs Florida) and my loss of interest . I still have great friends in the bee tho' and miss seeing them on a semi regular basis.

This is JeanAnn's and her color was yellow. She chose a lone star pattern and constructed it beautifully. This next piece is closer to my heart because while with me and leafing through a local advertising booklet, Anne came upon a picture that captured her assigned color; butterscotch.
If it's possible, her quilt is better than the original photograph.
This beauty was made completely by hand and Peggy's color was mulberry. Drunkard's Path is the block and one of my favorites.
We had lots of vendors at the show and they were good ones too. I tried to go when there was a lull to see what I couldn't live without.
Upon entering one of the vendor rooms I spied this lovely quilted jacket and then I had to step back and say 'Whoa'! That's the lovely JeanAnn (who by the way, took a nasty spill and could barely walk; hummm. Well, we can all walk to shop, right?) Good segue into quilted clothing so that's just what I am gonna do. (English teachers, have pity on my lack of good sentence structure. I type like I talk.)
Here's jacket numero uno. Lovely pastels.
This was certainly different. It's a warm and comfy lookin' bathrobe. Everyone wanted to touch. By the way, we have white glove ladies at our shows that hold up quilts or turn them to the back without the patrons touching the quilts. At the Venice show, as you entered, you were given a plastic glove for your own touching. Which one is preferable? I could see someone walking down the sidewalk, kicking leaves in the fall with this on; maybe with a brewsky in hand?
I am always attracted to bright colors and this jacket caught my eye first.
I can picture several friends skipping down sidewalk in this one; and you know who you are!!!

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Thanks for sharing. These were wonderful - - and thank you for the spicey pasta recipe.