Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well, it seems as tho' my brother now holds a record. His is the first guy that actually peed in a hospital, lying flat on his back, in one of those receptacles, to the tune of 24 ounces. Yes, this is how my family talks. And pathetic as it is, I am a very proud big sister. No plaque has been mentioned as yet. He is to return home today.

Looking through the many pictures (maybe 500?) from my recent quilt show, I didn't know what to post so I decided to show you clothing; not that quilted stuff; it will come later. These few pics are of participants of the show that I flagged down and said 'Wow, I like your ---------', and proceeded to take their pic.

This is the back of a sweater that I loved. The picture doesn't show it, but these flowers are raised relief. The wearer, Geri, said that she got it at a discount store for a song. Hey, we sure love our TJMaxx and Marshals!!!
This blazer was the favorite of the beloved dad that passed away. His daughter wanted to honor her dad and wear the blazer but also wanted to make it her own. She chose a Suzy design and fused and then stitched it down. Very clever and she has a part of her dad with her every time she dons the jacket.

You know, I am a sucker for circles. This babe not only had darling circular glasses (see Jean Ann in the background?) but her jacket was worthy of theft. I kept saying, 'Aren't you hot? Wanna take off your jacket? I'll watch it for you.' She never took the bait. Loser.


dee said...

That irst one is very nice.
Glad to hear about your brother. Good news for sure!

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I'd love a Marshalls visit too.

Cindra said...

It has X's and circles and a nice cushion silk seat bottom.