Saturday, March 08, 2008

Things You Need To See

While boxing up my married son's birthday present (it's next week)I had a thought - 'when are the kids old enough that you don't gift their birthday?' G suggested that age thirty is the logical cutoff and after that a card would be in order. Unfortunately, he got a little confused, because this is Peter's 31st birthday and we have just purchased his gift. I am thinking that thirty is a good cutoff and that parents are allowed to, at least on this one occasion, make a mistake in their children's age. So, I have a couple more years for Maggie and then the break from gift to card will come of age. After all, it's difficult enough to decide on the perfect gift at the holidays, right? What do you guys do?

I thought I would give you a day off of the quilt show, or rather the quilts but thought I would share some other features.

As you enter the center where our show was housed, there was an adorable arch and all over the arch

were these darling little baskets festooned with fabric flowers and the little sign that reads,
What are the pigments of YOUR imagination. I went through this arch three times before I even noticed the decor. Shame on me

And just to show you that not all the participants and visitors to our quilt show are blue haired old ladies, I give you this
dapper young man, in a very stunning and matching outfit consisting of his favorite skirt (with a water bottle pocket) and knee highs. Who said that a quilt show isn't for all?


Anonymous said...

The knee socks yanked up those shapely calves is what does it for me!

dee said...

I wonder if that comes in beige??

Cindra said...

I'm thinking I like that skirt, too! I don't wear skirts much anymore, but I like that one if it was a bit longer. Knees just aren't the best feature on my body. I'm still trying to figure out what is the best feature....

Anonymous said...

The owner of this business below once purchased a sewing machine from me off of Ebay....check it out, she designs and produces mens' skirts.


Anonymous said...

lyric said...

I've seen a lot of these at the Highland Games I attend once in a while... "utilikilts."

Nice to see your show.

And I think eyes are definitely the best feature.