Friday, March 28, 2008

Venice Quilt Show

If there was one thing that we could have improved upon in my own guild show (and we had to try hard to find something!) it would have been signage as to where to go to find a certain thing.

Not only were these sign posts adorable and art in themselves but they were very user friendly and told me just where I wanted to go. They were posted all over the place as well as signage high on the wall so you could look up from the mob and see what was next. On to the show.

I am just pointing out a few of the many pictures I took; things that caught my eye either by color or construction or theme. This one had a lovely flow to it. The pictures aren't very good, especially that angle that I took the picture because I didn't have the luxury of going in early to take unobstructed views like I could at my show. Speaking of my show, I have tons more to show you but I will have to do my homework to see which ones I already blogged because I let too much time pass in between the last postings of them.
This was very colorful and I think it was paper pieced. I only know one girl who is in this guild
and she does contemporary art quilts like I usually do. Here's one of hers. I like her work and didn't even know they were hers until after I had taken the pic and then saw her name.
Here's another one of Pam's. These pictures do not do these works justice. This particular show pins on the quilts rather than hanging them on pipe with their sleeve. Often times this process distorts the shape of them, so you may see a wavy quilt when it was not to be that way at all.
This Quilt Diva had everyone oohing and aahing. It was adorable with all sorts of embellishments. Even the wheeled tote has a zipper and a massive button on the wheel.

The color got me on this one.
If you have ever seen the Carol Doak's paper pieced book of the stars of the 50 states, this will look familiar. My old bee did an exchange project with these stars. I wonder what ever happened to those stars I had. I can't remember ever making anything out of it. Oh well.
This was one of the challenge pieces. The theme was "Blast Out Of The Past". Can you tell who it is?


Cindra said...

The challenge was easier to see in the small photo than the enlarged. How neat!
I need to start looking up quilt shows because I haven't seen one in a long time.

Anonymous said...

OHmygosh-I am in Tommy's blog.

My brown quilt actually earned a 2nd place but they hung the wrong ribbon. Now all my pictures are ruined.

thank you, my venice guild.