Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Brunch

What are the chances that both G's brother John (who has been staying with us) and my brother John would come to the Easter celebration in the same fishing shirt?

The color does look nice on just about anyone, right? Now, on to the meal. The protein was
beef tenderloin with Bearnaise, wasabi horseradish and raw horseradish.
My mom spent the day with us so in her honor I made her Swedish Cabbage Rolls (her recipe).
Maggie wasn't here but in her honor I made her favorite, Hot and Spicy Pasta.
This potato salad was made with things I had around; roasted potatoes, scallions, bacon and blue cheese, tossed with mayo and sour cream.

I made corn salad with grape tomatoes, orange bell peppers, corn and black beans.
My sister Mike made the recipe for the cheese biscuits copied from Red Lobster via KopyKats. They were very good.
You can't go wrong with fruit salad.
Broccoli slaw is always a crowd favorite. I had fourteen warm bodies in all to feed.
Last but not least was the Block Party Salad that has the ramen noodles and cashews to name a few ingredients. It was a great meal and the leftovers were divvied up for the family and friends to take home. Actually it was all family except for Regina and her hubby Bruce.


Anonymous said...

Deeeelisssh!! I hope you are going to be posting the recipes?!? Yes?

Anonymous said...

wow. Any chance that you would share the spicey pasta recipe? DITTO to above. The meal sounds wonderful.

Mrs. Mel said...

O I gotta make that potato dish. It sounds marvelous.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

It all looks so wonderful. Like everyone else, I'd love to have some of the recipes. Connie

Corky said...

My husband has that exact same shirt! It's a great color on him because of his blue eyes.