Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where To Eat?

After setting up a get together with friends for dinner, choosing a town between the two of us, Gordon said that we will pick the place and they will pay the bill. The we being me. All fair and square. Or so I thought. Because I know nothing about Venice, Florida, except for the fact that it has the closest JoAnn's in it, I figured the internet is my friend and it will help me find somewhere to eat. I have a pal in Venice but I have tried to email Pam in the past year or two and her email has been bouncing back. She must have changed her address on account of my constant emailing. har, har, har.

On a suggestion from my daughter I tried to find reviews for restaurants in the local paper. None that I could find. Finally, after opening endless reviews which all seemed to say the same thing about the same eight places I gathered up my roller blades and passed the restaurant finding chore to G. When I came back home he appeared to be in the same quandary as moi so we just looked at a list and picked a name.

We found the place and saw our friends as we were parking so we all walked in together. The place was the pits; very icky. We took a vote and we were out of there, choosing to meet up at a more appealing restaurant that we had passed on the way.

Literally, four hours of our life were spent on this and it was the pits anyway!!! We even went to the trouble of calling a car dealership that knew G to ask for suggestions and they suggested Rib City (a Florida chain that is very close to fast food).

Why did I just go on and on about the picking of a restaurant that fits the bill? I do not know but have put in way too much time to erase it. Any recommendations for the future would be greatly appreciated!!!

I can't seem to shake the quilt show out of my blog repertoire so here goes. These are two views of the main floor of quilts as seen from the catwalk which had the challenge
quilts up there. I love to look down from a distance at the quilts. They look so different with some space between the viewer and the quilt. You seem to see things that you couldn't while right on top of them. I took the pictures before the show opened to the public so it would be as peopleless (is that a word?) as possible.

Oh, the doorbell.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have found the Venice Quilt Guild and emailed someone in it to get a recommendation.
I know they are having a show I believe this weekend. (I won't be there)
Who better than quilters to ask - quilters LOVE to eat!
Or if you were still on Quilt Art you could have posted there. I find you can get an answer for anything within an hour or two from members of QA!
KS who is flying back to FL from WI later today

Rian said...

Next time try