Monday, April 14, 2008


Micky, my dear friend has lost her father, Barney, right around noon yesterday. He has been ailing and lost his will to live in December when his beloved wife Helen passed away. Barney was a great guy and everybody loved him and our loving memories will stay with us always. Barney lived into his nineties and if I could say this about anyone, that they lived life to the fullest, it would have been him. In October of 2006 Barney celebrated his 90th birthday. Here are some pictures of the party. I will miss you boyfriend.

I will be heading north in a couple of days for a couple days to be with Micky. I have no idea what's going on with the airline cancellations. I just hope I don't have any problem.

I have been dyeing up a mean streak so that I can have a nice stock of colors to travel with me when we go home at the end of the month. I have been overdyeing colored kona cottons.

The top fabric is the original fabric color. All the fabric has to be 'scoured' which is just a good washing on the long cycle and drying before going through the dyeing process. This is because the manufacturer puts in sizing and things like that added to the fabric retard the dye holding on. The two colors underneath are the changes made in the original color after some color of dye, yellow, red or blue or a combination of them are added. It was fun to see the changes. I did end up with a few colors that I have never managed to get with my dye style. That's a good thing.

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dee said...

Sorry for the sad news about your friends Dad. Someone who reaches that age has lived through so much history they are usually fascinating people to chat with. Our Aunt & Uncle are in their 90s now. Wow, the stories they can tell.
Thanks for yesterdays reminder about soft shell crabs. They are in season now I think and you have to make it quick. In fact, it may already be too late. I'll try later to get some from the fish market. They are such a treat and simple to so. Good crusty rolls, tartar sauce and crab...yum!
Safe travels Tommy. Love that color blue.