Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My friend from Venice, Florida, Pam, came over yesterday for a play date. We didn't have tons of time; she had to leave early for a Bruce Springsteen concert that was rescheduled to last night due to the untimely death of the keyboardist. After getting in the fast gab of people who haven't seen each other in a while (two weeks!) we settled in to try our hand at batik.

We started out with this soy wax (no harmful anything). I got mine in the candle making section of Michael's, whereas Pam ordered hers from the Pro Chem. Same stuff; different containers.
We melted it in a electric fryer that Pam has just for this purpose. It melts at a very low temp (about 180°) and within a minute the wax was ready. This shows a shot of the wax after we were done with it and it hardened. It is transparent when it is melted.
tjanting's. Say that five times fast, or say it once slow for that matter. They have a little reservoir to hold the wax so you don't have to keep refilling. It's pretty clever. The mess was almost non existent. Really. Cleanup took two minutes. You don't have to even take the wax out of the fryer. Just leave it until the next time you want to use it.
Here are a couple of wax applications that I did on kona cotton. As you can see, you can't always control the amount of wax that comes out; but it still looks good.
I tested this to see if the wax would hold the dye and sure enough, even a little skinny line held. If it was outside the line, it was my error. When the wax has penetrated the fabric, it becomes transparent; when it doesn't it is still opaque looking.

These next three are Pam's. This top one is on silk I believe.
These next two are on kona cotton and as you can see, she is much more detail oriented that

I am. We are going to continue our play date on Friday. We will attempt to color in our pictures and maybe mess around with some other stuff.


sistersoftheart said...

Way cool! Can't wait to see color applied and your finished pieces!! Are you using fabric paint or dyes? You can also apply the wax with brushes. They do become wax brushes though. Just let the wax harden in the brush when finished and reuse the next time by reheating in the wax. I do quite a bit of batik on paper but haven't had the guts to try fabric yet! Good luck!!

Beth in TN said...

Yes, please let us know all the products you are using for the next part too so we can play too sometime!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like tons of fun, you'll have to tell us about the type of dye you use too. I would love to try my hands with this. Where did you get the wax applicator thingy? I need online sources please.

I have tons of plain silk and this could be just what I've been waiting for.

Cindra said...

Can I ask my mom if I can come over and play? It looks like so much fun! I have done a couple types of batik. I used elmer's glue as a resist once, too. It works really well!

Batikgifts said...

Any finished batik? :) This pictures looks great! Thanks for sharing