Friday, April 25, 2008


Either I don't know how to count or I am delusional because yesterday I said we decided to go north in four days and we are not. Even if I count today it's not four days. Now tomorrow, if I count the day, it will be four days. I got called out on it more than once and wanted to fess up to the inaccuracy. My my math skills, you can see why I chose art as my calling.

This is BIG. My son Peter is the understudy for the lead of this upcoming play. It is at the Goodman Theatre and I think this is his first paid gig (notice the lingo). He will probably never get on stage (unless something unforeseen happens to the lead; hummmm) but it will be great on his resume. The Goodman is a very well known and is an icon of Chicago. If you want to see Peter not act, this is your chance!!!

And as long as I am talking of stars!!!! I googled the Nasonex commercial and thought I heard a little of Antonio Banderis in the bee voice and guess what? It's him!!! It seems so wrong in so many ways.
Somewhere in my travels I came upon this purse in a store. It is a reversible purse or so it's called but I think of it more of a changeable purse. True, as you can see by this next picture
the outside part of the purse buttons off and you can turn it inside out for another look, hence the reversible. I think this is a cool idea. You could do it with most any purse pattern; just make another outside, shorten it and line it and put on some stretchy cording for button loops. What's with me and purses? Can a gal have enough?


Cindra said...

Your searches for these actors in ads got me going the other day. The redhead in the new apple yoga commercial was driving me crazy. I recognized the voice and kind of the look, but couldn't remember where. It turns out she is Judy Greer from Misguided ... she's a blonde in Misguided. It took forever to find that... aren't you glad I shared?

Anonymous said...

You would me nothing without google!

Pammyfay said...

The purse is like the "Bermuda bags" in the 1980s! There was a set of wooden, hinged handles and you'd button on the different color/pattern cover. Very preppy stuff, as I recall!