Friday, April 11, 2008

Delightful Works

I am still in shock. It reminds me of how I felt a couple years ago when Chris Daughtry got booted off Idol. Michael Johns left Idol last night and he should have been there until the end. Maybe not the bitter end, but at least next to the last. I like him better than David Cook but I think their talent is comparable. That little kid David A will probably win. It's all in the fan base. Michael got the boot last night because he is a transplant from 'down under' and is 29(the oldest you can be) and married, so he doesn't have the teenie boppers voting, and watchers like myself don't vote. Taylor Hicks would have NEVER made it if he didn't have the whole town of Birmingham behind him. So much for that. I had to vent.

I figure I can get a day or two out of the retreat before you cringe so here goes. This piece of Mary's is a sheer study.
Taped on the window as it is shows how sheer it really is. The photo does not do it justice;
Here is a detail to show all the work that has gone into it. Lots of hand stitching went into this.
This roving was felted onto this art cloth done by Linda. All her stuff is wonderful.
Julia shared a table next to mine so we did a lot of gabbin'. As you can see from this 3 D piece she is working on, she did a lot more that chat!!
Paula did this round study based on an architectural challenge from one of her fiber groups. It represents a circular window in some building.
Debbie works with lots of collage pieces and lots of embellishment. She showed us how to make fabric out of paper in a collage style. I may even give it a try sometime.
This is another sheer work. I think it is fantastic.
This flower by yet another Linda has a big ole' 3D center that just makes the whole piece and this picture doesn't show it.
Patricia, who doesn't live that far from me, did this sheer study. I caught it when it was in the 'work in progress stage'. It is quite lovely.

I am still unpacking.


Diane said...

I'm with you! I love Michael Johns and couldn't believe he was booted. Maybe that means he'll just get a record deal that much sooner. But I always looked forward to hearing him sing. Rats. I was thinking it was going to be Syesha.

Kim said...

I share your 'pain' Tommy! I was stunned to see Michael go. Sayesha and Kristi Lee Cook should have been gone before Michael. *sigh*