Monday, April 28, 2008

Email Woes

I have spent the morning trying to figure why I haven't gotten any emails for a couple days. So if you didn't hear back from me that's why. The problem ended up being that the checked box in my email account said to leave the emails on the server. That means that the thousand emails that I have sent and received are sitting out there waiting for me view when I open my computer at home. Wow, I so don't want that to happen. But in the future it will not be a problem. It's only happening because I got a new computer last year and the default is to leave email on the server. Who knew?

This is kinda funny. My girlfriend Jayne said that she was thinking about me and wanted to see what I was up to so she opened up the blog and saw 'Framing A Quilt' and said that it was time to pick up the phone. I guess quilting stuff doesn't appeal to everyone!!!

My computer at home doesn't work or at least it didn't when I went back home a couple weeks ago. That will probably be a technican visit because I did everything that I know how to do and I still had no service. We have had a bunch of work done on the house (including an addition to my studio!!!!) and that is probably the problem.

I am doing wash, cleaning out the refrigerator and stuff like that in preparation to go back north for the 'season'. All very boring but necessary. It's starting to be over 80° every day and the humidity is advancing so the time is right. Today will be Bella's last visit to the Dog Park. She goes almost every day (shows ya how much I have to do!!) and she now lets me know that she knows it's about 3:30 pm. As we get close to the park she almost jumps out of her skin in her excitement. She's still the prettiest girl there (says her mother.)

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