Sunday, April 27, 2008

Framing A Quilt

I have had my third night of sleeping partially in a recliner. I have the drip in the throat cold that will not let me lay my head down. Other than that, it has been a very lackadaisical cold; not much of a problem. But it is my third cold in 2008 and normally I don't get one. G swears that I never got over the last one and that it has been lingering and just wanting to come out. Doctor G. My hero.

I was reminded yesterday that I promised to show how to get a quilt on a frame and I totally forgot. Here's a mini tute on how to do it.

Once you have done your stitching and/or quilting and your piece is ready to frame,( with extra fabric on the edges to go around the frame) you iron the piece lightly; enough to get any major creases that had formed during the quilting process. You lay down your sandwiched piece on a flat surface that can withstand a staple gun pressure.

Place the frame, centered on the wrong side of the work and start in the midddle of all sides and staple, going around the frame this way until you get to the corners. You can mildly stretch the work so that it is taut.

Here's what it looks like when you get to the corner. Pull the top fabric away from the corner and you may have to rip out stitches if you have them in the corner. When there is no chance of cutting the fabric, cut away the batting. In this case I didn't use backing fabric but if you do (and I have on occasion) cut backing fabric away with the batting.

This is what the corner looks like with the batting cut and the top fabric still pulled away.
Now bring the top fabric back into place and staple it down tautly. Decide where you want the corner seam (top or sides of your work) and fold it toward your chosen side.
Secure this with enough staples to hold it firmly in place. There, it's done. Now that wasn't hard, was it?

When done you have a clean, crisp work of art. I don't even bother with hangers but you certainly can if you want. I just level two nails where I want the thing to hang and use them as a ledge to sit my top inside frame onto. You can glue on a backing to hide the staples but unless it is going to sit on an easel, why bother?


Anonymous said...

Tried to send you an email but you are OVER your quota and it won't go through.
Kay S

Anonymous said...

Try a Neti-Pot. Recommended by Dr. Oz on Oprah, and me. Whole Foods has them and lots of drug stores. It works! You'll be able to sleep.