Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Home From The Retreat

After packing up all my stuff, Bella and I set out for home late yesterday morning. The trip took about five hours, what with the potty stops for both of us and a need for nutrition. Arriving home was murder. It was so hot and humid I could barely stand it. My gear only got as far as the front hall and there it sits. I had to do a bit of digging around to find my camera to post pictures and that inspired me to get off my rump and unpack.

G was supposed to return home today but he just called and 40 flights were cancelled at O'Hare for plane inspections and his was one of them. So far, he can't even contact the airlines to see what's up, because everyone is calling.

The retreat was lots of fun and inspiring as well. This is a picture of my cohorts; friends that I knew or now know and love.

Me, Pam, Kay and Susie kinda palled around together. I will show you some of their work
Here is the design wall of Pam's that is just yummy. She works alot with linear design and I love everything she does.
This is my first attempt at batik (melted wax that retards color where it is placed) and although I scavenged dye from others so I didn't have to mix my own and therefore were limited in the color palate, I was quite pleased with the process. I found out that my wax wasn't hot enough to penetrate completely through the silk and so I had some bleeding. It's okay tho'; it was still fun to do. I tried to remove the wax by ironing it on newspapers as someone directed me to do but it was not effective so I boiled water and threw it in and it indeed did the trick; without taking out any of the color. I am going to do this process some more, only next time I will use soy wax.
These next three pieces are Kay's. She brought lots of already pieced and sandwiched works and spent a good portion of her time doing the quilting. I am partial to this first piece.
All of these works are done with her hand dyed, stamped and otherwise manipulated fabrics.
She is getting ready for a solo show in January and I think she said she has 17 to quilt. Kay made a very good dent in her to do list.
This is Susie's beautiful pieced work. She quilted it and faced it while at the retreat. She also started and finished a lovely bargello piece for a friend that was long promised.

Ever the lady, Miss Bella is sitting on a nice piece of batik and batting, surveying all that she sees. Notice how lady like she is and has her legs crossed. I taught her well.


Anonymous said...

This collection of blogs from the ACA are the bestest ever! These really show the fun that was had by all. I have already "reserved" a spot for next April, the gods and fates willing


Anonymous said...

We too!
Kay and Suzie