Sunday, April 20, 2008


Some wakes and funerals are very sad times. Barney's wasn't. This is one of the few times that I can say that they were celebrations of his life. I heard more funny and touching stories about Barney that I didn't think was possible. He was much loved by all who knew him. His funeral was a tribute to his life, and the 21 gun salute and taps were provided to honor this World
War II veteran as a Major and a bomber pilot.

My friend Micky decided that she wanted to drive me to the airport on Friday. Now you wouldn't hear me volunteering to do the same. The airport is a good hour and a half away (one way) but she wanted to gab and I am hardly one to pass up that opportunity. The drive went off without a hitch and after we said our goodbyes, she took off and I entered the airport. I came back out five minutes later when I realized that I no longer had my drivers license. I called Mick, and ten minutes later we are BOTH on our way BACK home. Well, I have a theory of what happened to it but bottom line is it is gone. Regina said I could have gotten on the plane with a Sam's Club or Costco card that has a picture. I didn't even ask or try because I didn't think it was possible. The airlines told G that I could have filed a police report of a lost or stolen card and gotten on. All I could think of is being stranded at the airport and Micky just minutes away and that is where my brain stayed. I used my passport and yesterday I repeated the route to the airport, this time getting a ride from my friend Linda and flew home without a hitch; only to be picked up by Regina and her hubby and then we were off to meet G at an Italian restaurant and back home for a sleepover. I think they are all still in bed. I made a breakfast casserole (but made it up in my head so don't know how good it will taste) and it will soon be wafting it's perfume all over the house. That'll get 'em up!!!


Del said...

Lovely post about Barney - he was probably a bright spot in many lives. Don't you hate it when there is a monkeywrench in your travel plans? Sounds as though you weathered it well. And I'm sure the casserole was delicious - wish you were here. Del-on-the-Road

Anonymous said...

Barney was one-of-a-kind!!!

He WILL be missed-alot.


Corky said...

Perhaps your lost driver's license is with that wayward passport that you never found.