Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lauren Austin

Gordon did end up getting home last night. His original plane was one of the over 1000 planes that were grounded, causing double or triple that in cancelled flights. He hopped in a cab and moved from one side of Chicago to another, changing airports (and getting as far away from O'Hare as he could get!!!), and got a flight on AirTran out of Midway. I guess he just couldn't stand to be away from me for one more day!! Oh, and rumor has it that American is cancelling the flights on another 900 planes today. It's a crime.

While at my retreat at the Atlantic Center for the Arts we all took a road trip one evening for the opening of a fiber show at the Harris House; an offshoot of the ACA and the featured artist was Lauren Austin.
This girl is amazing at capturing personalities by using thread in a longarm machine.
She also makes her own buttons and beads that she uses to embellish.
Here is Lauren at the show, talking about her work and how she goes about it. We were graced with her the following day when she had lunch with us and spent the afternoon in our studio, working on her own projects. She is an "Artist in Residence" on the grounds and I believe she has a grant to work.
Here is another example of her brilliant quilting.
This piece 'Slept Only In An African Basket' was the first one I saw as I entered the gallery.
This work that is entitled 'Bud and Ester Begin' is an example of a memory quilt that Lauren does on commission using computer pigments for colorfast printing of photos and drawings on fabric. Her prices are very reasonable.
Each piece in this show has it's own uniqueness. Lots of free form shapes and embellishments make up delightful pieces.
This piece of hand dyed fabric was totemed with fantastic quilting. Here is a close up of some of
the intricate thread work. I need to practice my stitching, that's for sure!!!!


dee said...

Gad what talent this woman has. Amazing pieces every one. I love the way the images clend into the whole piece-very beautiful embellishments that tie in with the themes. If they look lovely in pictures on a blog they must have been quite the sight in person.
I was thinking of G while watching the news last night. Glad he got home dafe. My husband said "I wonder if he tried Midway?" Roger will do out of his way to avoid O"Hare.

dee said...

Proofreading always helps!