Thursday, April 03, 2008

Learning Curve

You guys, I have been remiss in informing you of my antics; there is a reason. I have been schmoozing and flitting and just getting my bearings. The place is beautiful and as my friend Peggy says, it doesn't look like Florida and I agree to an extent. This is a natural preserve, which we have where I live but unfortunately I don't let my company out all that often. They are there to SEW and SEW we do. And so, sorry Peg, I will show you this type of Florida next year when you come.

New comer Debbie Jones from Venice came with this personal dolly. She said this came from a big box improvement store and it costs around $40.
It folds up flat in a second. Don't ya need one of these? Field trip.
This is the dry studio where each person can set up their sewing machine and whatever you don't want in the wet (dye) studios. Most of us have a table in each studio. The windows are great but the ceilings are so high that when it's dark outside I can barely work. Next year I need to bring my own personal light.
One of the girls here works with sheers, which is new to me. I heard her talking about how she hangs her quilts away from the wall so the light can shoot through it.
This is another of her works that she had just shown someone. In the same studio where my table is set up is a girl from Southern Illinois, Gail, who dyes with tissue paper.
Here is a picture of layers of fabric and tissue paper.
Here is some of her dyed pieces setting in the sun. She said you get this tissue paper at a store
like Michael's and it actually says bleeding on the package. You place a colored piece of this tissue on the PFD fabric and then spray it with water and let it set in the sun (or not).
It is an easy and interesting technique if you don't care if your colors are intense. By the looks of the drying pieces, they are more muted than some other techniques.

Janet bought this pack of silk hankies and spent the good part of two days dyeing then in a sort of color wheel. If you look closely you can see the tips of some of my thermofax screens drying. I was making some of my own prints using the screens, paint and hand dyed fabrics. I'm trying lots of new stuff.


Mrs. Mel said...

Those hanging fabrics look sorta like a contemporary art installation.
I hope you'll blog the thermofax things you're doing.

dee said...

Looks like a great place and some fun work going on there. More please- when you can

Corky said...

Wow, that's a great location. Looks like lots of wonderful art taking place. I see my friend Pamela Allen in your photo of the studio. Tell her hi!