Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On The Road Again.

When I walked out the front door this morning to take out the last of the trash for Tuesday morning pickup I was accosted by a smell. It seems that it's my over abundance of gardenias.

Usually they have a cycle (at least that is my observation) and they aren't all blooming at the same time. As I looked closely, that is indeed the case but the amount that are in bloom right now is on the verge of becoming classified as a toxic fume. Their life span isn't very long but they sure are stunning flowers.
It seems as tho' everything really starts to bloom when we are heading back home. Oh well. With the bloom comes the bugs and the heat and humidity. I say no more.

I have finished up lots of loose ends in the last couple of days. I managed to get this sweater
assembled yesterday for my grand niece's third birthday in May. I wanted to have it done so I wouldn't have to assemble it at the last minute (which is my usual). I had already finished
these two in March for the twin sisters first birthday. I never know if any of the stuff I make for kids ever gets worn but I still plug away making them.

We are heading home today.

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Christine Thresh said...

I love gardenias, but they won't grow in our soil. Just seeing them evokes the scent.