Saturday, April 26, 2008

Playing Well With Others

Pam and I had another play date yesterday. We wanted to finish what we started on Tuesday with the soy wax used to batik. I caught a shot of her in full concentration and you can see

by these next three photos, that she was really working. Her choice of color is amazing.
This was the third piece that she painted. We had dye ready to use but chose instead to use
fabric paint. I thought all Pam's pieces turned out beautifully.
I am not sure what part of these pieces are the top and bottom but you get the idea. I threw my first couple pieces under the bus. The first one was sacrificed to soda ash and the second one was tried with silk paint on cotton and true to the label, it's for silk. It mostly all washed out with the first rinse, even tho' the fabric was soaked in ash and then dried before paint was applied.
As you can see, I have a simpler palate, mostly due to a short attention span. I really love the look of the white areas. I think that due to the cleanliness of the technique using soy wax, I

think I could really get into doing more of this. I like the fact that I have more control than lots of discharge/resist methods.

Two things I have to mention:

Did you see the pink dog on the Dog Whisperer last night? How could Caesar deal with that with a straight face? The dog owner was Kitten K. Sera and there were pictures of Doris Day all over her completely pink house. Yow. (I just check for spelling errors on this entry and they accepted yow. Freaky.

And finally, what can you do to get the smell out of a dish cloth down here in Florida? I hate that sour smell that they get every day. There has to be a solution that doesn't involve having your air conditioning on year round. Let me know. I'll be forever in your debt.


Dorothy said...

Pretty pictures! I love the effects you're getting, and you're right, Pam's color choice is amazing,.

About that dishcloth, you have several options. You can switch out cloths often, at least once a day. You can throw it (wet) in the microwave for 60 seconds to kill the bacteria that are causing the smell. Or you can switch to a scrubby sponge and throw it in the dishwasher every time you run it.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

I vote for dishwasher.

Cindra said...

I remember seeing poodles dyed all kinds of colors when I was growing up in the sixties. This woman is definitely a throwback. Stretch watches the Dog Whisperer, too. He doesn't even really like dogs... unless they are someone elses and then only for a brief moment. But for some reason the dog whisperer fascinates him.

Gayle from MI said...

For some reason I switched to using the Green Apple scented Palmolive dish soap and a very nice side effect is that dish cloths and sponges NEVER smell sour any more.

Anonymous said...

try rinsing your dishcloth in vinegar when you are finished using it.
silkquilter/aka Carolyn

Anonymous said...

i had that same problem with a few of my towels and i just threw a couple fabric softener sheets in my WASH CYCLE. that seemed to do the trick however, you might need to do it more than once. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Your play day projects are very nice, rich warm colours, lovely. However, you forgot to mention the next step of how you removed the wax.

I'd recommend that you use microfibre dish cloths. Your machines there probably don't wash hot enough. Here in the trailer park...remember?... we have machines that wash on 95°C, boiling temperature. (They take in cold water and heat it to whatever temp. chosen. Check out Miele, Bosch, Siemen or other brands.)
I clean out my sink at least once weekly with chlorine bleach so the dishcloths get a 'wash' in it too. My sink is beige ceramic so coffee and tea stains are a constant challenge.
It also helps to have quite a few dish cloths.