Friday, April 11, 2008

Save The Date

There's a KIA commercial on currently that shows a KIA car owner fumbling around at a gas station, not knowing where the gas cap door is (implying that you never need gas so you forget where the place is on the car.) I can attest to this little embarrassment. Twice in my recent travels I have pulled in incorrectly and then a little light bulb went off in my brain. My pal Regina told me that there is a little gas tank on her dash and beside it is an arrow pointing to the side where the tank gets filled up. I looked and Voila! my car has it. Not all cars do tho', because I looked at the time she told me this and my car did NOT have this feature;another little fact that no one gives a crap about but nonetheless good to know.

The Save The Dates are all sent out. The idea for them came from a Martha Stewart Wedding magazine. The idea is to put a little message inside an envelope on the postcard where you would normally put any message. Maggie got some absolutely amazing vintage postcards from eBay for the STD's and each one was different.

Some actually had writing on them. It was so fun to go through them. My sister Mike figured out how to feed them into the computer to print out the addresses.
We glued (with those cool roller gluers that scrapbookers use: I recommend them!) little 2 3/8" envelopes onto the post card and inside the envelope we put a card giving the important details. These envelopes were sealed with sealing wax punched with a heart stamp.
Unfortunately, unlike what most of these postcards say about the postage, if you put anything on a postcard it is no longer cheaper than regular mail and so because we tampered with the original intent of the postcard
we had to put a normal 41 cent stamp on them.
These Tiffany stamps turned out to be absolutely perfect for the Save The Dates. Everything else WEDDING is going along swimmingly.


Reggie said...

Hmmm, std's: save the date's or sexually transmitted diseases????

Cindra said...

Once again you have put your own beautiful touch on something and turned it into art! What a great idea.

Diane said...

What a great idea to use vintage postcards for this. You know, you could have the recipients save the PCs for you and make some sort of cool collage for the couple at the end...

And you're right, those stamps are perfect.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing, Reggie